White As Milk, the idea… what do you think?

White as milk is not even a project, it is only an idea. The idea that, as a young father, I was fed up to rush to the supermarket and to waste time buying always the same thing for my kids: milk and nappies. One day, while I was coming back from the supermarket after work, I was imagining a service where I could choose and buy the brand of diapers and baby milk powder that I needed, then me and my family would be delivered every month for the quantity that we would have decided. I would have not to waste time carrying bulky and heavy items. I dug into the concept and I figured out that depending on the buying costs of the baby products, even the delivery fees could be included in the product price, so it would cost me the same price but I would save time, my precious… time…

Now I want to be convinced that this project is doable. I am meeting baby products producers, such as diapers manufacturers or milk powder producers to check if the project is doable. That’s for the offer side. On the demand side, I can’t really figure out if I would be the only one wishing this service or if there are hundreds and hundreds parents in Singapore like me, who would be relieved to avoid thinking to buy those recurring products that our little ones need everyday. As parents, we have better thing to do rather than going to buy products that we don’t need to touch, to feel, to taste before buying…

What do you think of this service? Does it make sense to you? If you are too shy to leave a comment you can always contact me here or on twitter.

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  1. Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is excellent, as well as the content!

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  3. I really think it’s a fantastic idea. Just be careful about being able to propose flexible delivery time slot / timeslot to choose from. I hope to see this project coming true in the near future! All the best for 2012!

    • Thanks Erika for your comments and support ! You’re right about the flexibility in timeslot! That is really an issue. I am working on this on the IT side and next step will be to check the quality of service and flexibility of logistic firms…

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  7. I think the best ideas always start off with a real need – like yours. If I was a young parent without a car this would be a great service for me. If the product comes up to a similar price or lower, that would be even better and a total no brainer. I just loathe lining up and I can’t imagine carrying bulky stuff on the MRT or bus. Taxis are too expensive these days.

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