Scenic Roads in Singapore (& Sungei Buloh)

There truly are some scenic roads in Singapore. I snapped these on the way to Sembawang beach.

Here are some other scenic routes:

Driving towards to the National Library

Driving on the highway in Jurong

Driving past the Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands

The trees at Orchard Road save it from becoming just a mall street.

But one of my favourite stretches that truly calms my mind is the road towards Changi Beach.

But sometimes you need to get off the road to truly escape for some calmness and serenity. To really immerse yourself in a natural tropical environment without leaving the main island of Singapore, there’s Sungei Buloh.

2 thoughts

    • Oh yes I did..about 2 years ago though. It’s such an oasis but I need to make another visit and venture further in. I didn’t see the hornbill but did see a huge monitor lizard. It’s nice that places like this still exist in Singapore. A place to breathe.

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